August 2017
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New Flavor

Tres Leche cupcake with cinnamon whipped cream :) yum

Bridgit & Steve’s Engagement Ho-Down!

Yee Haw! That was a lot of fun guys!!!! hope ya”ll enjoyed the cupcakes!!!! <3″s to the bride & groom to be!

New Flavor: Kurogoma Matcha

Looks like the Black Sesame Cupcake w/ Green Tea – Cream Cheese frosting was a hit~~!!!!!!  Boy did they fly!!   Thanks for all the people who served as guinea pigs! :) Thanks for all the feed back it was great stuff!!!!

Congrats Maya!!!!! Good Luck on all your new endeavors!

Thanks everyone for making this a pretty awesome 1st catering experience.!!!

Congrats Class of 2010!


After an all night baking session, all the cupcakes are finished! All that”s left now are the finishing touches. Fill the yummy cupcakes, and make that last meringue.

A lot of work! but well worth the wait!

still baking

I didn”t think that making a couple of frostings, and meringue cookies was going to take quite this long!!

Just put the last batch of meringues in the oven…. whew… now on to the lemon curd!!

this is officially the largest bake batch I have ever made! But know they are going to be delicious!!!!

on the menu for this Saturday

  • lemon meringue pie
  • red velvet
  • chocolate chocolate



1st Catering!!!

OMG my 1st catering gig?!?! wow, things are getting hectic, but it’ll all turn out alright

Building the Cupcake Stands now.  Working the frosting in a little bit.

Looking great,  pictures to come!

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